Mammootty has even said that Menaka and Suresh will breakup !! The reason for that

Maneka and Suresh are married couples who are dating after a long time. Her father, mother and daughter Keerthi have now made their way to the cinema, earning them the National Award for Best Actress. When the youngest daughter became an actress, the eldest daughter became interested in the system. They are often described as role models in Malayalam cinema. The couple were married despite objections, loving cares and warnings. In a previous interview, Maneka had been talking about marriage.

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Maneka remarks that many people were called at our wedding, saying that jumping in is not good, just think. Suresh Kumar says I have nothing against anyone who says so. Maneka says that she gave the reply that it will be all right. Prior to the wedding, Mammooka had called for the same. He is so beheaded. It was the climax of his wife’s silence. Mammootty asked him who he was. He is portraying the dying scene. She was asked if she would like to act. Little did I know you, your family. He knows him, he knows his family, this will be the second day of tying it up.

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No, it’s for your own good. Hey, we replied, ‘Let me live.’ He didn’t say anything to him. Mammootty said so because of his good will. Not childish. Suresh Kumar says there was a different kind of trend then. He was ruling Thiruvananthapuram. There was no maturity. Suresh Kumar says if anyone says one thing we will say two and two again.