Mammootty and Amal Neerad’s film Bheeshma Parvam Rating and Review


The film would be an engaging excursion for Mammootty fans and others looking for some déjà vu-worthy action-drama story.

Producer, Director: Amal Neerad

Cast: Mammootty, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Shine Tom Chacko, Nadia Moidu, Lena, Dileesh Pothan

Bheeshma Parvam Story and Review

Micheal helms his influential family in Kochi, rousing apprehension and regards through his frightening past. While he is the protector for the people in Kochi and a kingmaker of sorts who commands respect from those who seek his help, his family mostly fears him for his reputation. Michael has a soft heart for his eldest brother’s wife and children, which doesn’t go down well with the others in the family that also consists of two other brothers, two wayward nephews, and a brother-in-law who makes his younger sister’s life a living hell.

The initial 20 minutes of Bheeshma Parvam nearly ranges the same way as Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather; the characters are completely presented as the family plans for a birthday celebration. In this, Michael, the patriarch, listens eagerly to a complaint of a mother and her daughter-in-law, who has come to look for his assistance to get payback. Michael guarantees help and dispatches his helper Shivankutty to own this. In the middle, Amal additionally expertly winds in the strain between the relatives – meanwhile never letting the speed and the development loosen. At this point, fanatics of Mario Puzo’s novel as well as the exemplary film, are so charmed to see what the likenesses are, yet Amal rather honors The Godfather and nearly sets his film in an equal universe where the characters and setting are recognizable but so unique. You could never anticipate that Vito or Michael Corleone to give such powerful instructions but in a playful manner to his right-hand man. In that lies Amal’s brightness of taking care of business a film that would look like in parts Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar and Mani Ratnam’s Nayagan – all roused by a similar work of art.

Amal here has a go at nothing new or test, he keeps it straightforward and follows the essential design of the screenplay with three demonstrations – the set-up, the conflict, and the solution. In any case, this is done as such magnificently, that it keeps you locked in. This is no mean accomplishment in a film with plenty of characters associated through relational connections but then the movie director has pulled it off. Every artist gives their best potential in moving the story forward.

Amal and Mammootty’s film after 2007’s Big B doesn’t appear to have annoyed the producer the slightest bit. Bheeshma Parvam is written by Amal and Devadath Shaji. The movie is all about family clashes. Mammootty gives justice to his character of Michael who is similar to Mahabharat’s Bheeshmacharya who promises to focus on his loved ones. For the crowd expecting slow-movement action scenes and good dialogues will surely enjoy this one. And apart from a long action scene in the second half, that seems to have been shot keeping the pandemic restrictions in mind, they are impactful. Composer Sushin Shyam’s electric music throughout the movie elevates.

Megastar and a heavenly Shine Tom Chacko, who plays the antagonist Peter in the first half shines flawlessly. Soubin Shahir stands out in the second half. Sreenath and Soubin – who play siblings – portray varying emotions and ace their acts. Truth be told, for around 20 minutes in the last part, the film doesn’t highlight Michael by any stretch of the imagination however the content is so very much paced and the performances are so catching that you barely miss the screen presence of Mammootty in these segments. Sudev Nair also conveys likely his best execution in the industry to date as the main bad guy Rajan Madhavan Nair. The treatment of the story has ensured that the women characters in it are respectfully portrayed and special attention to be politically correct, rightly so, is evident and laudable.

Anend C Chandran’s cinematography is a treat, particularly during the action sequence. In a film loaded up with such countless characters, Sushin’s music assumes an essential part in itself – particularly during the outcome and when pronouncing his judgment. However the film indulges itself in the family show bit in the first half also some of the dialogues do become inaudible due to the pounding music, Bheeshma Parvam actually positions among the best 2 in Amal’s filmography.

Watching Nedumudi Venu and KPAC Lalitha on screen, probably playing the kind of characters we haven’t seen them doing much, can trigger nostalgia in many. The film would be an engaging one for Mammootty fans and looking for some déjà vu-worthy action dramatization story.

Bheeshma Parvam Rating

4 out of 5 stars

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