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Mamangam Worldwide Box Office Collection: 7 Day

Mamangam 7 day box office collection
Mamangam 7 day box office collection

The very first element that ticks the right box in this film are the grand locations. The sets are spread over acres of land and special attention has been paid to the intricacies of the period setting. Yet another aspect of this war drama that stands out is how all the actors, including superstar Mammootty, excel at the marital arts form, Kalaripayattu. Not only do the actors present themselves as valiant representatives of their clan, but also go on to display their action skills on celluloid with panache. It is delightful to watch Unni Mukundan as a dutiful son and a death-or-glory warrior, who’s willing to go to painful lengths for triumph. His kind eyes give away his innermost turmoil, thus making the character both secure and vulnerable at the same time; a prerequisite for the portrayal of his character, Chandroth Panikkar. Master Achuthan, as the youngest Chandroth scion to fight the Zamorins, is adorable and a force to reckon with. Despite his small frame, the child artiste manages to hold his ground while sharing the screen space with established senior actors. Mammootty, as a skilled artisan and a sword-wielding, courageous soldier of the soil, is a sight to behold. Even at 68, he has the same charm and zeal that he has showcased throughout his career. The actresses – Prachi Tehlan, Anu Sithara – look glamorous in their roles as dancers.

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Mamangam 7 day box office collection

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