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Mamangam Movie Review; One of the most costly films in the history of Malayalam cinema

Mamangam Movie Review and Cast
Mamangam Movie Review and Cast

One of the most costly films in the history of Malayalam cinema, the film is filled with news, controversy, and controversy from the beginning to the end of the movie. Here is uncertainty about the life of the Chaver. Each suicide chase passes through a thread between success and death. ‘Mamankam’, which tells the story of suicide, also went through such a thread. At one point, the film’s production could be halted, but ‘Mamankam’ is finally making its way to theaters. Only one day left for the worldwide release of ‘Mamankam’.

Some reports from the ‘Maamankam’ set later triggered controversy. Difficulties that first emerged with the shifting of actors and technicians from the film to the pole and the delay to the schedule. As the film entered the third schedule, the harmony between the producer and the director turned the new controversy. Director Sajeev Pillai has come out with the allegation that he was dropped from the film due to aesthetics. Sajeev Pillai complained to the chief minister that “there is disagreement with the producers. ey will try to attack him. CCTV reports that a group of people sought him out at his residence in Vitura. Sajeev filed a complaint along with the footage. e controversy got heated. With controversy surrounding the film, producer Venu Kunnappilli has come forward to reveal what really happened.

Mamangam Cast

In a press release, Venu Kunnuppilly said that the director’s experience was a huge loss and that the budget of the film had already been tripled. In a press release, Venu Kunnappilli said that Sajeev Pillai failed to comply with the suggestions made by the Film Chamber, FEFKA, Producers Association, Director and Producers. e decision of the producers’ association, FEFKA and the producer to keep the film afloat has brought senior director M Padmakumar to the directorial role. Producer Venu Kunnappilly and Padmakumar were able to complete the film successfully without any controversy.

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