Malavika, Jayaram and Malavika were the first stars to be cast by the trolls. Chuckie has been killing trolls since then. Now Malavika Jayaram shares all those trolls with her Instagram. In this way, Malavika has proven that she enjoys trolls. The ad used the phrase, “My chakiya, your malavika”. But now, Malavika herself has openly stated about her marriage. But you can try. 

Malavika has now masqueraded as a brand to buy clothes for those who are getting married after the current virus Below this post, the mother and actress Parvathi have made comments. Parvati had commented that she was my sister. At the same time everyone has heard the star post below. Not to mention Jayaramutt’s chucky wedding. One fan commented that no one should come up with trolls anymore.