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Actress Mlavika hit by cyber attack on Vijay fans

The sight of celebrities, especially women, being exposed to cyber attacks is not new. We have seen Parvathy and Rima trolling in Kerala for a number of reasons and being subjected to cyberbullying. Now, another Malayali star has come under cyber attack. Malavika Mohan, the heroine of the new Tamil film ‘Master’, is all set to tweet on Twitter.

Vijay was furious when he protested against the anti-women approach in which he portrayed his character in a cartoon about the film. In the cartoon, the heroine is seen working in the kitchen while the men are resting. “The role of the heroine in cinema concepts is cooking! What does it mean to be these gendered roles? It is hard,” Malavika said on Twitter.

Vijay’s comments on Malavika have made a huge cyber attack against the star. Malavika then deleted her tweet.

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Lokesh Kanakaraj’s ‘Master’ will be starring Vijay Sethupathi, Andrea Germiya, Gauri Kishan, Shantanu Bhagyaraj and Arjun Das. Vijay comes to the film as a college professor.

Philomin Raj is the cinematographer of the film. It is also reported that the movie was inspired by the movie ‘Silenced’ which was released in 2011. This Korean film has dealt with sensitive issues such as child abuse.

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