Malayalam short film Porul gets more positive response from audience

porul new short film released
porul new short film released

The most recent short film to have success on YouTube is called Porul. Porul is being viewed as a television series. The public is responding favourably to every episode that has been released. For the short film, a lot of positive comments have been flooding in. This short film was directed by Gautham Surya. The movie is now available on the Karikku channel. The main character in this movie is Anu K Aniyan.

Ann Saleem, James Elia, Maala Parvathi, Unni Mathews, Sajeev Kumar, Appunni Sasi, Raju Ponnurunni, Whatsaap Mani, Paul D Joseph, Jayarajan Kozhikode, Surjith Gopinath, Amal V Ambili, Arun Ratan, Sudheer Babu, Shanavas are plays the good roles in the short film. Nikhil Prasad produced this short film.

Porul Malayalam Short Film

source: Karikku