Malayalam actor Raj Mohan passed away

Raj Mohan, an octogenarian actor who had spent the last four years in an old age facility here after being hospitalized earlier this month, passed away on Sunday. His body is still in the mortuary as of Monday.

Raj Mohan was married to the daughter of Kalanilayam Krishnan Nair, a well-known figure from earlier times who ran drama companies and produced and directed Malayalam movies. After the 1967 Malayalam film “Indulekha” was launched, Raj Mohan appeared in additional movies. Four years ago, he was in the news due to his living circumstances.

He was a resident of an elderly resident in the state capital when, on July 4, he was admitted to the government-run General Hospital, where he passed away the next day.
The appropriate officials have been given instructions by State Minister for Cooperation and Minister of Films V.N. Vasavan to ensure that all essential measures are done to ensure that the deceased actor is given a dignified funeral.

He had, however, ended his marriage and was now living by himself. After that, he gave up on movies. Mohan earns a living by collecting tuition from students and holds MA and LLB degrees. He just joined the orphanage after that.

Mohan, who is from Enjakkal, had been residing in this orphanage run by the local government in Pulayanarkotta. He did not have any income or documentation to qualify for the state government’s welfare pension, according to orphanage officials. However, during the previous administration, members of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy stepped in after realizing his situation. He received a pension, and the Academy offered financial support for his medical care.