Major Ravi to Join Congress ?

Major Ravi to attend Chennithala's Aishwarya Kerala Yatra at Tripunithura.

Reports show that director and actor Major Ravi is leaving the BJP to join the Congress. It is discovered that Aishwarya Kerala Yatra, who is in Kochi, will go to the Aishwarya Kerala Yatra meeting in Tripunithura drove by Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala. Congress pioneers have been in contact with Major Ravi. No reaction has been gotten from Major Ravi in ​​this respect.

Major Ravi was a former BJP supporter, later, it was freely blamed that 90% for BJP pioneers are conniving and all are searching for what they can get all alone. His explanation that he was not going to lecture anyplace for BJP pioneers this time was viewed as a sign that the BJP was finishing ties.

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