Major Ravi about the meeting with Sachy

Major Ravi played the role of a naval officer in the film Anarkali. Now Major Ravi is talking about his relationship with the film’s director Sachy. He said this in an interview given to a Malayalam news channel. Major Ravi says that he met Sachy two days before his death. The relationship with Sachy started from Anarkali. After the film, while sitting in a flat in Kundannoor, one day Sachi called me. Ask if he’s at home. So he came home and told me to take a token advance. I had Rs 1000 in my pocket. At that time it was 1000 rupees. Major Ravi recalls that he took a Rs 1000 note from my pocket and told me that we are going to film. Didn’t Raviet tell a love story of Marcos that day, I got it. Sachy told me that we are going to do a film. The man took the money and left. I had a good relationship with Sachi. He was like a brother to me. I was very worried when he was ill, “Major Ravi said. So in Covid times, Sachy calls me and asks if I can come and see you. I have prepared the consent form. It was necessary. I could have avoided it if I wanted to. I was driving myself. We talked for about an hour at home. Sachy lit a cigarette and sat down to drink tea. Then he said, OK, let’s see. So I went. The next day, he was admitted to the hospital for the second surgery. But not on the third day. The news of Sachin’s death came soon after. Why did Sachi call two days ago, we haven’t done a film together, we don’t have a scriptwriter-director relationship. But I don’t know what, we have liked each other since the beginning, “Major Ravi said. Sachi passed away on June 18, 2020, at Jubilee Mission Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Sachy’s film Ayyappanum Koshiyum was a big hit at the box office in the same year as Sachy’s death. Sachy was posthumous awarded the National Film Award for Best Director for Ayyappanum Koshiyum. At the same time, Major Ravi is the Malayalam director who introduced the army and soldiers to Malayalees more than a former army officer. Major Ravi has directed films like Kirtichakra, Picket 43, Mission 90 Days, Kurukshetra, Kandahar, Karmayodha, 1971: Beyond Borders and many more. Major Ravi is not only a good director but also a good actor. Major Ravi, who made his acting debut as an army officer in the film Megham, went on to act in many films such as Olympian Anthony Adam, Shraddha, Onnaman, Pattalam, Rakilipattu, Anarkali, Action Hero Biju, Varane Iruzhumundu, Garudhan and others. Major Ravi has mostly played the role of a former army officer.