Madonna Sebastian Doesn’t Get To Share A Bed And Lock Lips To Act In A Movie

Madonna Sebastian is an actress who made her debut as a singer in the movie You Too Brutus. The actress made her film debut through Alphonse Putra’s film Premam. Madonna is an actress who has proved her talent not only in Malayalam cinema but also in Tamil and Telugu. After the film Premam, the actress acted in Malayalam films like Brothers Day, Devils, King Liar, and Virus. The actor, who played a good role in the movie Premam, has rarely done Malayalam movies. Madonna says the reason for not doing many roles in Malayalam cinema. Many say that Madonna is the type of character who doesn’t even obey directors. Madonna’s response to this is now going viral on social media.

In an interview, the actor revealed why he is called an arrogant person. Madonna has certain compulsions and quirks while acting. Madonna says she won’t act out in kissing scenes in movies. Most of the films in which she was acting had scenes of kissing the hero. The actress also said that many directors insist on such scenes as the characters in the film need them. But many say that he is arrogant because he says that he will not act in such scenes. The actress said that she does not get to hug and kiss other men as well as share a bed with them in the name of acting. The actress said that she is never ready to act in these kinds of films, or if she doesn’t get any film, she has no hesitation in going to the petrol pump and filling petrol if there is no other source of income.