Madhuri Braganza’s interesting post on her relationship with food

Staying healthy and match is very important, however what’s life if you say no to everything you love? particularly food, that you just can’t resist eating? Madhuri Braganza of ‘Joseph’ fame could be a fitness enthusiast also as bon vivant. The role player has currently enclosed a motivating note on her relationship with food.“I put on weight so fast that I literally personify “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips”.

But nothing makes me happier than good, food. So I’ve found a way to work around it. If you know what makes you happy, don’t cut it out completely. What is life without reasons to be happy? Some of you ask me questions like how do you stay in shape when you eat such yummy food, etc. So let me permanently leave this here-Strict diets depress me. Good food makes me happy.I don’t indulge everyday,” Madhuri said, in her Instagram post.

She also added, “When I have a craving I try and satisfy it or satiate my taste buds asap. I work out because I love movement and the endorphins keep me sane. The bonus is staying in shape or not putting on weight too fast. I have found a *sustainable* approach that balances my love for food and my tendency to put on weight. The key to consistency is a change in lifestyle, not a change in diet or a change in movement.   It is honestly as difficult or easy as you make it! Attitude IS EVERYTHING. #relationshipwithfood #lifestyle #lifestylechange #foodislife #norewards #nopunishments #keepitsimple #healthyattitude #attitudeiseverything #staysane.”

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