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Madhura Manohara Moham Movie Review

Steffi Xavier has made a name for herself in Malayalam cinema as a costume designer and has now ventured into directing with her debut film, “Madura Manohara Moham.” The movie stars Sharafuddin and Rajisha Vijayan in the lead roles and is a clean, family-oriented entertainer with a touch of humor. Sharafuddin plays the character of Manu Mohan, a PWD official, and the story is set in Pathanamthitta. Manu’s family consists of his mother and two younger sisters. He also has a love interest, and his goal in life is to marry his beloved. However, before that, he decides to arrange a marriage for his elder sister Meera (played by Rajisha Vijayan). Meera is more conservative compared to her younger sister Malavika, who is a B.Tech student. But as Manu starts receiving marriage proposals for Meera, he realizes that she is not someone they truly understand.

What makes the film interesting are the surprises that follow. It successfully portrays the conflict between conservatism and the changing times while maintaining an engaging and entertaining experience. The screenplay of the film has been written by Mahesh Gopal and Jai Vishnu. One of the main strengths of the movie is the presence of talented actors who excel in comedy. Alongside Sharafuddin and Rajisha, the film features Bindu Panicker, Arsha Chandini Baiju, Vijayaraghavan, Saiju Kurup, Altaf Salim, Biju Sopanam, Sunil Sukhada, and other great actors.” Madura Manohara Moham” has many laugh-out-loud moments that provide a pleasant sense of natural humor throughout the film. Steffi Xavier has proven herself as a brilliant director right from her first film. She has handled the subject matter with care, ensuring its importance isn’t lost. The script by Mahesh Gopal and Jai Vishnu is well-crafted, without any unnecessary elements or distractions. The editing by Appu Bhattariti and Malavika K contributes to the seamless flow of the film. The songs in the movie, composed by Hisham Abdul Wahab, are noteworthy, and the background music by Jibin Gopal adds to the overall experience. Chandru Selvaraj’s cinematography beautifully captures the ordinary yet captivating backdrop of the story.

Madhura Manohara Moham Movie Box Office Collection

DaysBoxOffice Collection
Day 1₹ 0.12 Cr
Day 2₹ 0.18 Cr
Day 3₹ 0.22 Cr

Madhura Manohara Moham Movie Cast, Crew, And Details

Madhura Manohara Moham MovieCast, Crew & Details
DirectorStephy Zaviour
ProducerMahesh Gopal
StarsVijayaraghavan, Althaf Salim
ActressRajisha Vijayan
Release DateJune 16, 2023
CinematographySelvaraj Chandru
Runtime2 hours 5 minutes
MusicHesham Abdul Wahab

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