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Maala Parvathy son sends message again to Seema Vineeth, Seema Vineeth shares screen shot


Make-up artist Seema Vineet’s Facebook post revealed that director Ananthakrishnan has apologized to her after being accused of serious sexual misconduct. Seema Vineet said this on her Facebook account including WhatsApp message.

Seema Vineet posted on Facebook saying that Anantha Krishnan sent a note saying “Thank you Ananthakrishnan”.

seema vineeth

This is a TF .. I am sorry ,, you will never be such a laksyamuntayirunnilla vedanippiccuvenkil any time in my life .. it is .. please understand that Seema Vineet was released along with a screen shot of the message. Ananthakrishnan’s mother and actress Mala Parvati has also been criticized after the allegations surfaced. Mala Parvathi had earlier said she would not support her son. They thought it would go ahead legally. Meanwhile, a similar message has been released.

Msg കളിൽ മുങ്ങിപോയത് കാരണം ഈ സോറി കണ്ടു കിട്ടി ബോധ്യപെട്ടു അനന്തകൃഷ്ണൻ നന്ദി

Opublikowany przez Seemę Vineeth Czwartek, 11 czerwca 2020

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