M-town actor Chandhunadh is shocked by the Elanthoor human sacrifice case


The horrifying news of the human sacrifice at Elanthoor has taken some time for Keralites to digest. In a village in Pathanamthitta, two women in their 50s are said to have been sacrificed as a part of a “witchcraft rite.” The traditional healer Bhagaval Singh, his wife Laila, and a man named Shafi who is thought to have been engaged in the crime were all taken into prison by the police on Tuesday (Oct. 11).

Chandhunadh G. Nair, a well-known Malayalam actor well known for his roles in the movies “Pathinettam Padi” and “12th Man,” has expressed his shock and disbelief at the tragedy. He stated on his social media accounts that the retrieved body should be carefully examined to determine whether all of its internal organs are present. The actor added that police would definitely make sure of the same, and also shared his concern if these cold murders are connected to any mafias.

“freezing numbness!!!!! once the dead bodies are recovered, make sure that each internal organ is seen in its respective places. kindly rule out the interference or involvement of any shrewd ‘mafia’ in these cold-blooded murders. if at all the primary motive was ‘human sacrifice’ and the believed prosperity, we shall be vigilant as it is unbelievably eery.!!! (sic),” Chandhunadh penned in his note.

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The horrifying occurrence took place as authorities looked into the disappearance of a 52-year-old lady. The two women’s bodies were apparently discovered in pieces by the police on Tuesday, and further investigation and evidence gathering are currently underway.