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Liquor sales via BevQ app failed, The government plans to abolish BewQ app


Govt. Attempts to reap economic gains through Bevco app sales during Corona expansion, Alcohol sales have been hampered by problems including the lack of an OTP (one-time password) in the Bewque App. The government has now decided to drop it. The government wants to abandon the app and distribute liquor through counters. According to reports, a final decision is expected today.

The Excise Minister has called a meeting of the officials today. He said he would meet the media after this. With the collapse of the system, the government was forced to start selling liquor with a bill. Only 2.25 lakh people bought alcohol yesterday. With the virtual queue app Bevcue quieted, people flocked to the liquor stores to buy alcohol.

App-maker Faircode Technologies was unable to resolve the problem late at night, despite being told it would be fixed within hours. With this, those who were booked and those who were not, gathered before the beverage. Social exclusion is disturbing. At several points the police came to the controls but again there was a layer of restrictions.

The company has not been able to take the necessary precautions despite knowing that millions of people will use the app. The main problem is that the registrants do not get the OTP. Currently the company has only one service provider to provide OTP. So, Apple was not in a rush. Last night, more than 140 people were booked via SMS. The app crashed overnight.

FairCode said it would bring in more OTP providers and fix the problem. The company made it clear that it could begin tonight’s booking, but it was not. The app provided to the liquor stores was not working. With this, the bars became chaotic.

Since no QR code scanning was done, the liquor was sold with a token number and bills. Bawko officials were advised to check the QR code of the token received from the registered mobile phone at the token when they book in the virtual queue app. But even though the app was downloaded, many of the shops did not get the OTP due to lack of OTP.


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