Lip Lock With Prithviraj Amala Paul Responded 

Even though she acted in a few films, Amala Paul is the favorite of Malayalees. All the characters played by Amala were remarkable. In 2009, Amala Paul stepped into acting by playing a very small role in Neelathamara, directed by Lal Jose. Later, the actor switched to Tamil and stunned South India with his performance in Maina. Christopher is Amala’s latest Malayalam movie. Yes, Amala’s latest Malayalam movie is Prithviraj’s Aadujeevitham. Audiences also think that Prithviraj will be amazing when Benjamin’s aadujeevitham is one of the most popular novels in Malayalam. The recently released trailer of the film has garnered a lot of attention.

Amala’s lip lock with Prithviraj went viral after the trailer came out. The Amala-Prithviraj scene in Atudjeevte was much discussed because such lip-lock scenes are rarely seen in Malayalam. Amala Paul is playing the role of Prithviraj’s wife in the film. Now Amala Paul’s response to a question about the intimate scene with Prithivraj is going viral. When Prithviraj told the story of his life as a goat, the actor said that he acted in it because the film and the story required a liplock, and the liplock scene was not a big deal for him and he even acted naked.