Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai Masoud Alhammad hosts Instagram influencers.

They are already leading names in their niches, and when they come together, they make more headlines.

Masoud Alhammad
Masoud Alhammad

Gone are the days when people made headlines in newspapers; today, it is all about social media and the digital world and rightfully so, looking at the immense growth and development these mediums have made from the past few years that have helped emerge great talents. People a few years ago may not even have imagined that this could be the future, where they can become huge names across social media platforms as well. However, certain influencers across social media platforms have proved that real talent and passion can never go unnoticed.

The social media world is filled with many famous and successful influencers and creators who have spellbound people with their unique, energetic and entertaining content and videos. On the other hand, Masoud Alhammad, who is already a Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai and owns his zoo for animal husbandry and taming exotic animals, has also earned it huge across social media by constantly posting about animals in Dubai.

Interestingly, Masoud Alhammad always loves to host the biggest social media influencers, which turns the heads of many, especially their fans and followers. Hosting these biggest Instagram influencers, Masoud Alhammad gets them to see his unique zoo and welcomes them with all the love and admiration for them and their work. Masoud Alhammad himself enjoys massive followers on Instagram, thanks to his hard work, commitment and tremendous talent. He is doing extremely great for Dubai as the Vice Chairman of the Dubai Police Committee and is also winning hearts with his content on social media. His consistent posts and pictures that he keeps sharing on his Instagram handle receive much love and comments.