Leela, the first director from the tribal community, is raising funds from the people to produce her film Karinthandan


The story of Wayanad legend Karinthandan’s movie has been in the news for a long time .Vinayakan will play the lead role in the film. Collective Face One, a film community, was the first to come up with a film. But they did not know the reason for their withdrawal. The first look posters of the film also received great support. A picture of Vinayakan in a tribal dress with his fists clenched has been circulating on Facebook. 

Leela, a member of the Wayanad working class and an early learner of an alternative school called ‘Kanave’, is making a film about the legendary hero in her own tribal stories. The film was discussed on a big budget, including the British period. Preliminary research and studies are currently underway on the film, which is set to be released in English.


Leela is trying to reach out to the producers after the story is over. Leela decided for crowdfunding to seek public support for the first phase of the project. With this film, Leela Wayanad, who says that her goal is to make her dream of Karinthandana a reality, is going to redefine her historical production.

He is also preparing a research documentary for the film. Ketovazhi, the Leela crowdfunding site, is trying to raise Rs 4 lakh for the project. In the legends of Wayanad Pass, also known as Thamarassery Pass, it was Karinthandan who showed this path to the British. Later, Leela is conducting a factual investigation into Karinthandan who was killed by the British.