Learn who is Zhong Shanshan, who beat Mukesh Ambani the richest in Asia

Mukesh Ambani has been given another blow by Sal Jaate De Gaya. First out of the list of top 10 rich in the world, now the title of being the richest person in Asia has also been removed. Jung Shanshan of China has become the richest person in Asia, leaving behind Indian industrialist Mukesh Ambani. According to the Bloomberg Bilineers Index, Shanshan’s wealth has increased by $7 billion in the year 2020. He has achieved this due to his company making bottled water and vaccine.

According to Bloomberg’s list, Zhang Shanshan’s assets increased by $7 billion in 2020, increasing his total wealth to $77.8 billion. This increase has made him the richest man in Asia. At the same time, Mukesh Ambani has assets of $76 billion. At the same time, his number has become 11th in the list of world’s richest people. The speed with which his wealth has grown is the fastest in history. Not only this, a year ago he did not know any name outside China, but today he has buried his flag in the club of the rich.

From journalism to mushroom cultivation

Jang has made his fortune in many areas. Before becoming the richest person in Asia, he tried his hand in journalism, mushroom cultivation and health and climbed the stairs of success. In April this year, Jung listed the vaccine-making company Beijing Vantai Biological on the Chinese stock market. Three months later, Jung listed his bottled water company, Nongfu Spring, on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

The wolf of the rich world

The 66-year-old Zhang lives far away from politics and neither does his business like other billionaire families. In the rich world he is called the Lone Wolf. Two companies are behind his success. The first company manufactures Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Vaccine and the second company Nongfu Spring makes bottled water.

Changed luck getting listed in the stock market

Zhang’s fortunes have changed since his listing on the stock market. Since listing on the stock market, the price of Nongfu Spring has risen by 155 percent so far, while shares of Wantai Biological have seen a massive gain of 2000 percent. Bloomberg has also placed him on the list of the fastest growing assets in the world.

Corona also the reason behind Amiri

By the way, it is also surprising that Corona is also a big reason behind Zhang Shanshan’s exit. His company, Vantai Biological Corona, is one of the vaccine companies. This is also a big reason for the rise in the company’s shares. Shares of Zhang’s company Nongfu reached its peak this week when analysts at Citibank said the company had strengthened its market dominance and cash flow remained high. One of the reasons for Zhang Shanshan’s rise in the rich list is the government’s increasing oversight of China’s big tech companies, due to which these companies are facing difficulties in the international market as well