Leading Actor Against To Uorfi Javed

Uorfi Javed is an actress who often grabs a spot on social media with her different outfits. The actor became so familiar among the audience after becoming a contestant in Bigg Boss. Uorfi Javed also shines in the world of fashion. The actor is always a victim of social media scrutiny. Now another star is making a big revelation against Urfi. Actor Faizan Ansari has come forward with serious allegations. Faizan reveals that Uorfi Javed is transgender.

Faizan said in Mumbai that he has documents to prove that Urfi is trans and is ready to produce them in court. The actor also alleges that the way Urfi talks, dresses, and behaves indicates problems in her character. Faizan says that Urfi should behave like a transgender. Faizan says he will go to any lengths to prove this. Earlier, Faizan Ansari had come forward demanding a fatwa against Urfi. Faizan had filed a police complaint against the actress for wearing glamorous clothes.