Laththi actor Vishal happy to become uncle once again


Vishal the action legend of Tamil film after a short break has returned to his hard worker days. He recently retained his position as the action-oriented secretary of the Nadigar Sangam after his team the Pandavar Ani won big in the 2019 elections the counting for which happened this year.

Vishal has taken to Twitter to make an important declaration on his own front. He expressed “Well wat more can I ask. Supa happy to become an uncle again. The princess is born today to my princess darling sister aishu. May god bless the new born girl and the couple. Inshaallah. God bless.”

Sources close to the actor said that the child was born at 5.25 on Wednesday morning and that both mother and child are fine. Aishwarya and Kritish got married on August 27 in the year 2019.

Vishal’s sister Aishwarya is hitched to Kritish Vummudi, a popular jeweler since 2016 and this is their second child. Vishal in the interim is very nearly finishing ‘Lathi’ costarring Sunainaa and will before long start going for ‘Mark Antony’. The film is directed by Adhik Ravichandran which has S.J. Suryah as the main adversary.