Home News Latest announcement from govt on theatre seating capacity

Latest announcement from govt on theatre seating capacity

The Central Government yesterday revised its coronavirus pointers that permits state governments to extend the capability capaciousness  roominess spaciousness commodiousness of theatres and cinema halls to the next capacity. After the amount of Coronavirus cases reduced in Bharat, a brand new commonplace operational procedures (SOPs) has come back, and as per the discharge from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

“Cinema halls and theatres have already been allowable upto five hundredth of commodiousness. currently they’ll be allowable to work at higher commodiousness, that a revised SOP are issued by the Ministry of data & Broadcasting in consultation with MHA.”The latest announcement from central government can build theatre homeowners happy and it’s been expected that from Feb, theatres everywhere the country may operate at 100 percent commodiousness.

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