Laljos Says Meesha Madhavan Story 

Dileep is an actor who shined as the main presence in Malayalam cinema. The actor has not been active in the film industry for a long time. In this case, Dileep has lost his old acceptance. It was said that Dileep will grow up to be a superstar in the lead role. It can be said that Meesamadhavan is the best film of Dileep’s career. This film directed by Lal Jose was released in 2002. Here is what Anna talked about casting Dileep as the lead in Lal Jose’s movie, which is still going viral today. He told Anna like this, ‘At that time, movies were coming out with a mustache, like Narasimham.

Rajan and I thought about his appearance. All thieves have a horn mustache. When Dileep plucks his mustache, people laugh. He is the next-door boy image. I was immediately struck by it. Isn’t it good if people laugh? Till then, Dileer never acted with a mustache. All in a country boy way. In that case, Dileep should have his mustache removed. If so, there must be a reason. When he thinks like that, if someone provokes him, he looks at the person’s face and plucks his mustache. It is an open secret outside the country that if he removes his mustache, he will enter their house that night.