Home Film News Lal Jose shares his 29th wedding anniversary celebration picture

Lal Jose shares his 29th wedding anniversary celebration picture


Lal Jose is a Malayalam filmmaker who has directed several notable films including Maravathoor Kanavu, Meesha Madhavan, Chanthupottu, Achchanurangatha Veedu, Classmates, Arabic Story, Diamond Necklace, Between Him and Me, Emmanuel and Vikramaditya. He eventually directed the film Forty-One. His next film is ‘Myavoo’, which is stares by Soubin Shahir and  Mamta Mohandas.

Now, he has shared pictures of his 29th-wedding anniversary celebrations on social media. He shared pictures with his wife Lena, saying, “29 years ago, he had a partner”. He was born in Valappad, Thrissur district, Lal’s father Jose and mother Lilly were teachers. Lijo and Linto are siblings. After college, Lal Jose studied film processing in Chennai and worked as an assistant in 16 films with director Kamal. The marriage took place in 1992. Lal became an independent director in ’98’ through a ‘Maravathoor Kanavu’.

His wife Leena teacher in the same school, which his mother taught. Eldest daughter Irene and youngest daughter Catherine. Irene was married in September 2019 to Joshua Mathew, a native of Thiruvananthapuram.

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