Kunchacko Boban will not appear before court in the actress assault trial


Kunchacko Boban is yet to stand trial for the assault on the actress Applying for leave Actor and MLA Mukesh could not be reached as there is an assemblyThe witnesses of crucial witnesses, Rimi Tomy, Kunchacko Boban and Mukesh, are in the process of being heard today. An arrest warrant has been issued against Kunchacko Boban for failing to appear before the court. Dileep and Kunchacko Boban have also participated in many stage shows.

Kunchacko Boban is known for his early friendship and later disagreement. So the prosecution presents Kunchacko Boban as one of the decisive witnesses in the case  A special court hearing the case of Rimi Tomy , actor Mukesh and Kunchacko Boban will be heard today in connection with the attack on actress .

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An arrest warrant was issued last week for Kunchacko Boban to appear in court. Boban was the court action, without the application hajarakatirunnatinetire holidays.

Geetu Mohandas, Samyukta Verma, Manju Warrier and Lal have been acquitted. Joint Verma was later dropped from the witness list. The court will also hear actress Bindu Panicker, actor Siddique, producer Anto Joseph and PT Thomas MLA.

kunjakko bobanCentral Forensic Lab has directed the Central Forensic Lab to provide accurate answers to actor Dileep, the eighth accused in the case, in connection with the murder of Kunchacko Boban . The special court had accepted Dilip ‘s plea challenging the forensic lab’s answers to the questions raised by the Supreme Court . The court also demanded that Dilip’s questions on the alleged assault on the actress be answered.