Kunchacko Boban and Priya celebrate their son’s birthday


After 14 years of waiting, Isaac has returned to the life of Chacochon and Priya, and yesterday was Issa’s birthday. The birthday party was pretty easy because of the lockdown. All the celebrities had come to celebrate Isa’s birthday, and the audience was burning pictures of Isa’s birthday when Chackochan left Surprise. The star shared the post at night. The star also shared a cute picture of Isa sitting next to the cake.

iza birthday

Many celebrities, including celebrities, greeted the crowd. Already, the new post and image has become a wave. The birthday cake had something special. Chackohan and Priya were presented with their son as a cake based on Noah’s Biblical Bible. The cake was named Isaac’s Ark.

kunchacko boban

Kunchacko Boban shared that the cake represents the current state of the world and that we can soon overcome it. He also urges everyone to be safe. Isa is full of social media. Not only celebrities but also fans came to wish them a happy birthday. The posts of Pearl Mani and UnniMaya have gone viral in the past. Chakochan’s post came after this. Priya too had shared the same photo.