Kumkum Bhagya New Update, Ranbir is Unsure if he Proposed to Prachi!

The scene of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Aaliya causing Rhea to comprehend that she should play the great young lady card with Ranbir and win his heart by tossing Prachi out from that point. Prachi isn’t partial to Ranbir and can’t confide in him since he plays with everybody and isn’t not kidding about anything throughout everyday life.

Pragya and Sarita like Ranbir. Sarita solicits Prachi what kind from a person she prefers and she says, ‘straightforward person’ with a basic life. Pragya grins as she additionally needed somebody like this and furthermore reviews how Abhi was likewise coquettish precisely like Ranbir at first. Pragya embraces Prachi.

On the morning meal table, Ranbir figures he ought to address Rhea before addressing Prachi on the grounds that Rhea never admitted that she has affections for him. Actually, he had persuaded her to accept that he cherishes her. Presently that Ranbir has created affections for Prachi, he considers examining it with Rhea.

Then again, Abhi likes Ranbir for Rhea. Ranbir contemplates internally that he confused his companionship with Rhea as adoration and his real love is Prachi. Pragya guarantees Prachi that she won’t bring Ranbir in their discussions and asks Prachi to share her sentiments and perspectives about any person that she prefers. Prachi embraces Pragya.

Abhi is certain that Ranbir adores Rhea since he offered his seat to her at the morning meal table. Purab approaches him to address Vikram for their marriage however Abhi believes it’s too soon.

Ranbir is uncertain in the event that he figured out how to propose Prachi as he can’t recall that anything since Aryan got him alcoholic. Ranbir chooses to meet Prachi and her conduct towards him will make him sure whether he proposed to her or not.

Ranbir and Aryan reach outside Prachi’s home. He attempts to act all ordinary and keeping in mind that they stroll towards the entryway, Ranbir is lost in Prachi’s musings.