Krishnakumar Facebook Post Stirs Debate On Paternal Affection And Suresh Gopi Apology


In the midst of the controversy surrounding Suresh Gopi’s recent clarification, BJP leader Krishnakumar took to Facebook to express his perspective on fatherly love. He shared a poster on his account, which read, “If you want to realize the love of a father, you must give birth to good things.”This statement from Krishnakumar emerged in the aftermath of Suresh Gopi’s explanation that he intended no disrespect towards the journalist and was merely displaying affection. Several BJP leaders, including K Surendran, Shobha Surendran, and PS Sreedharan Pillai, voiced their support for Suresh Gopi. They maintained that Suresh Gopi’s actions were driven by affection, and after issuing an apology, the matter should be considered resolved.

Krishnakumar’s post garnered numerous comments from individuals questioning whether Suresh Gopi’s support was warranted. Opinions on the extent of support for Suresh Gopi varied, with some expressing disapproval. Additionally, there were remarks addressing the broader issue of public displays of paternal affection, such as touching or patting bodies in public places, buses, trains, and the like.