Krishna and His Leela teaser is out

Kshanam movie director Ravikanth Perepu’s second film Krishna And His Leela new teaser is out.

The teaser shows the first love story of Krishna played by Actor Siddhu Jonnalagadda with Bharatanatyam dancer Sathya played by Shraddha Srinath.

Teaser starts like a classic love story where hero falls for the gorgeously looking heroine followed by intimate encounters between the lead couple.

Siddhu, Shraddha’s authentic performance and Ravikanth’s direction makes the difference in the love story to appear intriguing.

Background score by Sri Charan Pakala is an added sparkle. With this film Ravikanth is trying to prove that he is not restricting himself to one particular genre and he’s keen on experimenting.

The film, as announced by the makers, will hit the screens soon.