Kozhipporu Movie Review

Story: Neighbors Beena and Mary are old buddies, until Mary associates Beena with taking eggs from her chicken. A fight ejects and the revelation of a romance between their kids heightens it further.

Survey: Jinoy Jibit’s film Kozhipporu, set in the natural underbelly of Ernakulam, begins with a ‘roused from genuine occasions’ disclaimer. Unquestionably, the story is one that could have occurred in any area, however likely not something that has enough dramatization or amusement to justify a film.

Mary and Beena, who are neighborhood buddies, purchase a couple of chickens together and raise them with incredible consideration. Once, Mary sees her chicken on Beena’s patio, and suspects that is the place it lays eggs. The misconception turns the companionship terrible and it gets amplified when they find their kids are engaging in extramarital relations.

The film, with an eighties-tinged story, may have seemed well and good whenever discharged decades back. Indeed, certain stretches of it can offer you some wistfulness with its local fellowship, and a kind of this world. All the entertainers, Pouly, Jolly, Navajith, Veena and others, include performed well inside the restricted extent of the story.

In any case, the film may, best case scenario presumably help you to remember a comparatively senseless occurrence that can be a five-minute story you calmly describe. The straightforward reason certainly had some potential whenever took care of reasonably, however the film is very short on any novel amusement or narrating. The advancements are reasonably interesting. There are for the most part conceivable adages that one can anticipate from a story of the class. The completion, specifically, could scarcely be lazier. The film is only 99 minutes however on occasion, one can’t resist feeling it’s despite everything moderate. Kozhipporu is regularly just a local fight you may coolly take a look at, while occupied with some other work.