Kovid-19 Bangladesh cricket team came forward to help in the midst of crisis; Government will provide financial help

Bangladesh cricketers have decided to donate half of their salary to the government to fight the coronavirus epidemic in the country. According to the Dhaka Tbune report, 27 players of the country are donating half their salary. Out of these 27 players, 17 players are in the Central Contract List of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) while the remaining 10 players have also played with the national team.

A joint statement by the sportspersons will help 25 lakh taka, “The whole world is fighting the coronavirus epidemic. Corona cases are increasing in Bangladesh too. We are cricketers and we use social media to stop the disease.” But asking people to take the necessary steps. We believe that apart from making people aware, we have more to do. To fight Corona A total of 27 players this amount will Taka 25 lakh after removal is donating half his salary. Tax. “

due to coronavirus in Bangladesh said in the statement, “This fund may not be enough to fight against coronavirus, but if we all donate according to our own, then it is important in the war against coronavirus Can be proved. ” So far, 39 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Bangladesh, while five people have died.

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