Kochi Unveils India First Free Wi-Fi Street Queens Walkway

Free Wi-Fi street in Kochi. This is the first time in the state that an entire street is equipped with a YY facility. Shashi Tharoor MP inaugurated the Queen’s Walkway Wi-Fi Street. 31.86 lakh rupees was spent from Hibi Eden MP’s Regional Development Fund to provide Wi-Fi on Queen’s Walkway. Free Wi-Fi facility is available on Chatyat Road from Goshree Bridge for 1.8 km. A 50 Mbps internet leased line circuit is provided by BSNL. There are a total of 9 poles from which there are 18 access points. 75 people can get Wi-Fi service from one point at the same time.

Inaugurating the project, Sasi Tharoor said that this is a service that can be modeled in the entire state. BSNL has been allocated funds for operation and maintenance for a period of three years. Along with an internet facility, Queen’s Walkway also has public toilets with modern facilities. Maintenance of toilets is done with private participation.