Know the nearest vaccination centers on Google Map.


The Covid-19 vaccine is now available to everyone over the age of 45 in India. On April 1, the central government started distributing the vaccine to people over 45 years of age. People of this age can be vaccinated by booking in advance using the Health Setu app or through the Covin portal. Where do you think the vaccine can be taken from now? If so, information on vaccination centres near you is available on Google Map and Map My India. Let’s see how to know the information of vaccination centres using Google Map and MapMy India.

Get to know your nearest vaccination centre via Google Map

Open Google Map on your smartphone. If you are using a computer, you can open Google Maps from your web browser. Then in the search option above Google Map, enter “Kovid 19 Vaccination Center” and search. Then you can know the nearest vaccination centers. Make sure the location option of the phone you are using is turned on. If so you can find out the vaccination centers closest to where you stand.

Google Maps shows government-approved, vaccinated government hospitals, family health centres, private hospitals, and private clinics. It also provides information on how many people are being vaccinated and whether they need to make an appointment in advance. It shows that the vaccine is for people over 45 and requires a government identification card for registration. It also states that those who want to get the vaccine must register in advance and call the vaccination centre to inquire.

To know the nearest vaccination centre through Map My India

The Map My India app also helps to know the vaccination centers. You can also see Map My India on the Covin portal. As soon as you open the MapMy India app, you will see the Vaccination Center option, and by clicking on it, you will know the nearest vaccination centers. You also need to make sure that you have recorded your exact location. It is advisable to call any vaccination centre and make an appointment in advance.


How to register for vaccination

You can register to receive the vaccine through the Health Set app released by the Central Government and through the web portal Covin. Enter your phone number first to do so through the Covin app or website. After that, you will get a one time password (OTP) on your phone number. Enter it and click on the Verify button. If it is in the health app, select the option Covin and select the option vaccination from it. Then you have to register on the registration page with the required identity card details, name, mobile number, age and date of birth. After that, you can see your account information on the next page where you can add your family members. The next option is the same as in the Covin app and Health Set. After selecting the people who will be vaccinated, you can book the vaccination by selecting a date available from the ‘Calendar’ option on the next page. After that, you can enter your state, district, zip code and search to see the vaccination centers. From there select the time of day available and click on the ‘Conform’ option. Your registration is complete.