KK Shailaja wins Vogue India Woman of the Year award

Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja has been named the Vogue India Woman of the Year. Effective defensive measures against Kovid 19 are considered for the award. Actor Fahad Fazil and others have congratulated KK Shailaja. The actor has changed the cover picture of Vogue India magazine with a photo of KK Shailaja along with the profile picture of Fahad’s Facebook page. The new work of the actor, who is not very active on social media, is gaining attention.


Earlier, various international media outlets had published reports and articles praising KK Shailaja for his effective defense against Kovid. KK Shailaja has been lauded by the Washington Post, the BBC and the United Nations for seeking the Vogue India Woman of the Year award. Vogue India has published the report and conversation of the meeting with KK Shailaja as part of the award presentation.

Earlier, KK Shailaja had participated in the UN panel discussion and was included in Vogue’s Warriors list. The Vogue Award recognizes women who excel in various fields and make significant contributions. In an interview with Vogue India, Minister KK Shailaja specifically mentioned Kerala’s health model in Kovid prevention. There was no time to be afraid, it was driven by a great interest in dealing with problems, as KK Shailaja told Vogue. Health Minister KK Shailaja also lauded the handling of the Nipah virus crisis in Kerala through the Vogue India article.

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