KK Shailaja Asserts Nipah Virus In 2018 Is Not A Novel Strain

Former Health Minister and current MLA KK Shailaja has emphasized that the re-emergence of Nipah virus in Kerala should not be regarded as a novel virus, highlighting the relatively low risk. She noted that comprehensive protocols are now in place to address the situation effectively. The declaration of Nipah test results in Kerala will require central approval, with announcements currently being made from Pune.KK Shailaja addressed the media in Thiruvananthapuram, reflecting on the recent resurgence of Nipah. Her pivotal role as Health Minister during the initial Nipah outbreak in 2018 garnered significant attention, as the state witnessed 17 fatalities on that occasion.

Meanwhile, the list of individuals in contact with Nipah patients has expanded from 168 to 702. The Health Department’s Secretary has indicated that a route map for tracing contacts will be released shortly. Mohammad Haneesh, an official, reported that the condition of the affected child remains critical, and further actions will be determined after a meeting led by the Chief Minister. The Kozhikode District Collector announced the imminent arrival of a specialized central team to assist in managing the situation.In response to the Nipah outbreak, a temporary mobile testing laboratory for Nipah disease will be established in Kozhikode today, reinforcing the government’s commitment to containing the virus’s spread and ensuring public health and safety.