Kim Jong-un is alive, says South Korea’s security adviser


Seoul: South Korea has announced that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is alive. South Korean President’s security adviser Moon Jae-in said this on Tuesday. He dismissed all speculation that North Korea was not participating in its main anniversary. He made it clear that there was no doubt about what we were saying and that Kim was alive. He was speaking to CNN in an interview. 

To the details. Kim Jong is currently living in Wonsan, the eastern city of North Korea. He has been living there since April 13th. There is nothing suspicious about it. Confirming this, he added, “nothing has been found from North Korea.” South Korea’s current disclosure of the matter was revealed yesterday. It was reported last week that the train that Kim was traveling in was in Wolson. The image of the train was captured by US satellite spies. The US is constantly investigating Kim’s health. His train was found at the resort. At the same time, this indicates that he is still in Wonsan. 

The picture of Kim’s train was released by those associated with the White House. The train is at the Leadership Station in Wonsan. Reports emerged last week that a medical team from China had traveled to North Korea. However, it is unclear whether they went to check on Kim’s health. Neither North Korea nor China have released more information about the medical team’s visit. Earlier, media reports suggested that Kim had a brain death. The body is reported to be in a state of restlessness and unlikely to return. The media in Hong Kong have revealed that Kim is dead. 

The Chinese medical team has arrived in North Korea. Chinese doctors say that Kim’s heart surgery has been delayed and that has only exacerbated the problem. Kim was last seen on April 11. He underwent cardiac surgery on May 12th. Most notably, Kim Jong Un did not attend the grandfather’s birthday party on April 15. April 15 is a very important day for North Korea.