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Kilometers and Kilometers Movie Review and Rating

  • Release Date: 31 Aug 2020
  • Cast: Tovino Thomas, Joju George
  • Director: Jeo Baby

Kilometers and Kilometers is a Malayalam comedy movie, which has been helmed by Jeo Baby. The movie star Tovino Thomas in the lead role. The title of the movie, Kilometers, And Kilometers is adapted from the popular dialogue from the Mohanlal starring yesteryear blockbuster Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu. The Jeo Baby directorial features Joju George, Sidhartha Siva, Basil Joseph, Vinay Forrt, Ramesh Pisharody, and so on in the other pivotal roles. The movie is jointly produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Ramshi Ahamed Productions.

The film though is let down by uneven pacing. The first 15 minutes are slow, but then it picks pace and slows down again while the duo halts at a village in Rajasthan. After that again, the story gets going. The visuals, especially because it’s a movie shot on the road, could have enhanced the appeal of the film and that feels like a lost opportunity. However, the music, Sooraj S Kurup’s songs, and Sushin Shyam’s background score is the soul of the film.

The overall review of Kilometers and Kilometers where the film’s protagonists Josemon (Tovino Thomas) and Katherine Stevens (India Jarvis) are at a clinic, Josemon tells her that he chose the particular medical facility because there aren’t medicines or plasters in the government hospital. “No medicines in a government hospital?” exclaims the US tourist Katherine, before coming to the conclusion, “Oh, that’s why all your ministers come to the US for treatment.” In another scene, Katherine and Josemon are stuck in traffic as fans pour milk over a massive hoarding of a superstar, while a small boy begs for money. Katherine observes, “He’s begging while they are wasting milk.”

Josemon, being the sole earning member of his family, do all kinds of jobs to fund his sister’s education, pay his loans, and look after the household. His only treasured possession, apart from the relationships he holds dear, is his Bullet motorcycle. However, debts soon force him to try and sell the bike. But just then, like a “Mahalakshmi on a Bullet” comes to an American tourist Katherine, who wants somebody to show her around the country on a bike for a handsome pay. Josemon is tasked with being her driver. The ride changes both their lives.
Tovino’s performance as Josemon offers some shades of his character as the gullible Ajayan from Oru Kuprasidha Payyan but he pulls off the comedy and emotional tracks well. There’s a particular scene where Josemon is shown reading a book titled America’s Atrocities and he hilariously quotes most of these at a pivotal turning point in the film; it also highlights the divides between the two cultures that is also another aspect the movie touches. India Jarvis too makes a brilliant debut with a sincere portrayal as Katherine, who favors money over relationships and finally realizes what matters most. She brings in affability to her character. Sidhartha Siva’s role as Sunny Joseph, a Rajasthani villager who spouts English poems might appear caricaturish at first but he too gets a funny backstory. Joju George and Basil Joseph play their small parts well.

What makes the movie an entertainer is how Jeo, much like his previous movie Kunju Daivam, uses normal incidents and people to talk about prejudices, relationships, and perspectives – by injecting a dose of humor and all the while not being preachy. Kilometers and Kilometers is a breezy family entertainer that has comedy, satire, and good music to keep you entertained throughout.

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