Kids with sedentary lifestyle face adverse impact with online schooling: feels fitness coach Deepali Gupta


As we live in the digital age, we find everything coming under its garb. Right from shopping to booking your flight tickets and enjoying movies and series on different OTT platforms and YouTube, everything comes with a click. However, nothing comes for free, as you are paying a big price for the lifestyle changes taking place in our day-to-day chores. Both your money and health have come at stake. Things turned bad for the worse when kids were forced to pursue online education during the Pandemic. Health experts like Deepali Gupta have grave concerns about the current lifestyle.

She feels that the kids were already under the influence of a sedentary lifestyle. They were already engrossed in computer and smartphone games, and with tabs and smartphones coming in their hands as online education tools, the intensity of damage has gone from bad to worse. Kids who were already adopting a sedentary lifestyle are now piled up with an extra burden of online education. The magnitude of the problem has gone tough and bad. As per Deepali Gupta, children being vulnerable will suffer a lot with the dominance of a sedentary lifestyle.

She calls this situation a bizarre moment for kids and will add an impact from bad to worse. She feels the conditions have become worse and it will continue to wreak havoc in the long run. The change of pace in the lifestyle in the recent past has affected the kids. She feels that the Pandemic will soon end and in the new normal, remaining healthy and fit is the only mantra to sustain in the long run. Deepali Gupta exhorts on changing the lifestyle among adults and kids alike by becoming physically active. She has a pool of options to remain physically active, which include Pilates, and posture correction workout sessions, and many more things.