KGF Chapter 2 Teaser: ‘KGF 2’ teaser release, banged up Sanjay Dutt and Yash

The teaser of ‘KGF Chapter 2’ has been released. However, the teaser of ‘KGF 2’ was to be released on January 8, the day of Yash’s birthday. But on the demand of fans, the teaser of ‘KGF Chapter 2 Teaser’ has been released a day before. In this way there has been an uproar among the fans of Yash and the teaser has made a splash on social media as soon as it is released.

While releasing the teaser of ‘KGF Chapter 2 Teaser’, Excel Entertainment wrote, ‘A promise that was made is being fulfilled. Happy birthday to Rocking Star. # KGF2Teaser … ‘In this way, Sanjay Dutt’s Adhira’s look is also seen in the teaser of the film and Yash is looking amazing in Rocky’s style. Not only this, Raveena Tandon is also seen in this teaser.

Homelab Films has said that Excel Entertainment and AA Films are feeling extremely happy to present the mega ambitious ‘KGF Chapter 2 Teaser’ in theaters this year. KGF has been the pride of Indian cinema and will continue to be. We look forward to your powerful support and love. May the new year bring positivity, peace and happiness to all.

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