KGF 2 release date will be announced soon !!!

Along with many other industries like tourism and hospitality,film industry have suffered more due to the pandemic. After the outbreak of second COVID wave, big releases like KGF Chapter 2 are really careful for the next move. The third wave situation is creating pressure. Although state governments and the central government are ready to fight with the third wave, the effects are already seen in the entertainment industry.The producers are waiting for the correct time of the movie release in the theaters .Rocky bhaiAs per recent reports received, a streaming giant has offered a sum of massive 255 crores to KGF Chapter 2 team. That is indeed an attractive amount that could make the team reconsider their theatrical release. Financially, it definitely sounds like a safe option to postponed the release date. Some of the states have opened the theaters but are following the restrictions told by the state and central government. In spite of all the obstacles the cast and the crew are looking to release the movie in theaters in midst of August 2022

Yash, a Kannada actor played the role of Rocky Bhai and has gained popularity. The film was directed by Prasanth Neil. KGF 2 also stars Sanjay Dutt in a key role. Sanjay Dutt had earlier spoken about his character Adheera in a statement and said, “The character of Adheera in KGF is very powerful.  Adheera is an Indian version of Thanos from Avengers. In KGF’s first chapter, Adheera comes only in the end, but in the second chapter, we can witness him throughout. Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon, who also stars in the film, took to Instagram and shared a post that read, “The monster will only arrive when the hall is filled with gangsters!!

Previously,the innovative storyline has taken the film’s collection on a rise. The Kannada language film has been released in five languages ​​namely Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. . Almost three years after the release of KGF, the second part of KGF is preparing to be twice as big as it is today. The second part of the sequel to the first part is expected to be huge in India.