Kerala Win-Win Lottery Result As On 14/09/2020, 1st Prize 75 Lakhs

Kerala Win-Win Lottery Result As On 14/09/2020

WIN-WIN LOTTERY NO.W-581st DRAW held on- 14/09/2020,3:00 PM

1st Prize Rs:7500000/- WP 587420 (MALAPPURAM)
Consolation Prize-Rs :8000/- WN 587420 WO 587420 WR 587420 WS 587420 WT 587420 WU 587420 WV 587420 WW 587420 WX 587420 WY 587420 WZ 587420

The Kerala State Lottery department today declared the results of Kerala Win Win Lottery W-581. Those who bought the tickets of Kerala Win Win Lottery W-581 can check their results by visiting the official website of the lottery department at And also you can check the pdf given below.
Ticket number WP-587420 has won the 1st prize of Rs 75 lakh. The 2nd prize of Rs 5 lakh has gone to ticket number WU-467820. The 3rd prize of Rs 1 lakh has been bagged by ticket numbers WN-401502, WO-596398, WP-110482, WR-597597, WS-228618, WT-187408, WU-458907, WV-575343, WW-145723, WX-289204, WY-685212, and WZ-463904. The consolation prize of Rs 8,000 has been won by ticket numbers WN 587420, WO 587420, WR 587420, WS 587420, WT 587420, WU 587420, WV 587420, WW 587420, WX 587420, WY 587420, and WZ 587420.

There are also other prizes of smaller amounts. A single ticket of the Kerala lottery costs Rs 40, while the whole book comes at a price of Rs 750. While, if the winning amount is more than Rs 5,000, winners will have to claim it by furnishing the lottery ticket and a valid ID at a bank or government lottery office.

The Kerala lottery department holds four festival bumper draws, besides the regular lotteries. The bumper draws take place on Onam, Vishu, Christmas, and Dussehra. It also organizes two seasonal jackpots, monsoon and summer bumper.