Kerala changes Covid test method; Now the antigen test instead of PCR

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Thiruvananthapuram: With the increasing number of Covid cases in the state every day, the covid confirmation is now mainly dependent on the antigen test. The antigen test costs about one-sixth the cost of the PCR test. The main reason is that you can know the result within 40 minutes. While the cost of one PCR kit is Rs.3000, the antigen kit is available for Rs.504.

The advantage of having more people check at the same time. These are especially useful in areas where multiple people need to be tested at the same time. With the introduction of antigen kits in extreme areas and airports, testing has become easier.

The test is done with the sap itself. No positive results in people with colds or other illnesses. A person is shown to be positive only if they have the corona virus in their body. There is no positive result for anyone who does not have the disease. This test will help determine if the condition is transmitted to someone else.