Keep In Chat: WhatsApp With A Powerful Feature


WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for users. This feature is called Keep in Chat. Allows users to keep disappearing messages. A WhatsApp user can save a chat as it will be needed later. But whether the message we send is kept by the receiver or not is up to the sender.”Disappearing Messages While protecting your conversations from being known by a third party, sometimes you want to keep a voice note or important information from a previously sent chat. “Keep in Chat is the solution,” WhatsApp said in a blog post.

When a message is received, it can be changed to Keep in Chat. But the sender will get a notification that the receiver is keeping the message. A special feature of this feature is that the sender can also block the message if they want. If the sender allows the recipient of the message to save a disappearing message. One can see them in Kept Messages folder. Messages saved in WhatsApp will be marked with a bookmark icon. But the question also arises as to why this feature is really there. The sender’s authorization is required to save the message. Some people question why two people send a disappearing message if the sender doesn’t mind the message staying there.