Kavya Madhavan wanted to marry Prithviraj


Pallissery was a man who made serious allegations against Dileep both before and after the incident in which the actress was assaulted. Rathnakumar Pallissery, a controversial writer, has written a series of cinematic stories on the controversial controversy over Malayalam cinema. Dillip’s divorce, Kavya Madhavan’s marriage and Prithviraj’s hostility to Dileep are filling this time. According to Pallissery, Dileep’s divorce was due to a love affair with Kavya Madhavan, which was first revealed by Dileep as her brother. Cochin Haneefa was an actor who wished everyone good. Not bad for anyone. But Pallissery is now saying that Cochin Haneefa had told him a story about Kavya.

Kavya and Dileep are rumored to be in the spotlight of the movie Meesha Madhavan. Pallissery also alleges that the director and writers have added some scenes of Dileep’s involvement in the film to Kavya. Pallissery alleged that Dileep was promoted to a superstar through Meesha Madhavan. However, Pallissery alleged that Dileep was hostile to actor Prithviraj.

Pallissery says that Cochin Haneefa had then asked him what he thought of Kavya Prithviraj. It was Cochin Haneefa who treated Kavya as her own sister. When asked the other question about Prithviraj, Kavya replied that she wanted to know. Pallissery says that Kavya’s understanding of Kavya’s understanding came later and that Prithviraj had a desire to marry if she liked. But Prithviraj was on a different track. Kavya’s wish was not fulfilled. And the cause is unknown. After that incident, Dileep and Prithviraj became psychologically separated. But he cannot say exactly what it is. Prithviraj has been on Dileep’s enemies list ever since.