Kaushik Babu, Swami Ayyappan of the Malayalam mini screen shares happiness!

Until a few years ago, Kaushik Babu, who shone as the own Swami Ayyappan of the Malayalam mini screen, was talking about the new happiness in life! Kaushik recently shared his father’s happiness on social media. Many fans and friends came on stage to congratulate Kaushik and his family. Kaushik hinted that he and his wife were waiting for a new guest by sharing Bhavya’s baby shower pictures. Kaushik and Bhavya were getting married in 2019. Kaushik’s wife Ratna Bhavya is from Chennai. The couple’s wedding photos were very viral. It was after this that Kaushik announced his new happiness.

After Kaushik Swamy Ayyappan, who not only excelled in acting but also as a dancer, he made his Malayalam film debut in 2015 with White Boys. Kaushik, who has been absent from the Malayalam mini-screen, later starred in Telugu films with Sri Murugan and Adi Shankara. Although it has been years since the end of the Swami Ayyappan series, Kaushik Ubabu is still in the minds of Malayalees in the form of Ayyappan.