Katrina Kaif also became Corona positive, sharing the post and said- ‘I am quarantined at home’

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on Bollywood stars. One after the other, stars are being hit by Corona. Now Bollywood’s famous actress Katrina Kaif has also become Corona positive. After Corona’s report came out positive, Katrina has gone on home quarantine. He has informed about this through an Insta post that his corona report has come positive.


Katrina wrote in the Insta Post that her corona’s test report came positive. Along with this, he has requested all those people who have come in contact with him in the last few days. As soon as the Corona report came positive, Katrina has gone to the home quarantine. He has thanked everyone for their love and support. Recently, many stars including Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan have become Corona positive before Katrina.

Let me tell you, the effect of corona virus is still continuing across the country. Since last year, this virus has bothered people, what is common and what is this special virus is not left to anyone. Many Bollywood stars fought with Corona last year. At the same time, once again the virus is seen to be affecting the Bollywood stars.