Kasthuri on Nayanthara’s Surrogacy

Actress Kasthuri breaks her silence on Nayathara’s surrogacy .The actress faced severe criticism for the same. There were many controversies related to Nayanthara’s surrogacy. When the news of Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan’s twins came out, a large number of people reacted to the news by asking if they had children after four months of marriage. And then there were other controversies. The government has made some new rules regarding surrogacy. It was alleged that Nayanthara and Vignesh violated these rules. .The actress was also there. Kasturi also shared a post in this regard on her X account. Though the post did not mention Nayathara and Vignesh’s names, it was only meant for them. Surrogacy is banned in our country. Kasturi’s post said that there is a law related to it from January 2022.

After this, many people came to criticize Kasturi. But regardless of this, Kasturi continued to hold the same position. But later, the Tamil Nadu Health Ministry conducted an inquiry into Nayathara’s surrogacy and released the report. According to the report, there were no legal violations. Nayan and Vignesh had given in writing that their marriage was registered six years ago and that there was no violation of the rules of surrogacy. As it turned out, there was no violation of the law. Now Kasturi is talking openly about taking such a stand at that time. Kasthuri said that she did not object to Nayanthara becoming a mother through surrogacy. He was talking about the legal matters of Zaro Gazi. Kasturi said that she apologizes if Nayanthara’s surrogacy was done legally, but in fact, she supports Sara Gazi. But gay couples, or any kind of surrogacy, or adoption is not legally possible today. That’s not right. If the surrogacy process is legal, it is supported, but if it is illegal, the law must be fought. Kasturi also said that it is illegal to say sorry. In a recent interview, Kasthuri said that she doesn’t see Nayanthara as a lady superstar. Kasthuri also said that Vijayashanthi and KP Sundarambal deserve the title of Lady Superstar. Kasthuri says that the story of their films revolved around the heroines and only in the film Maya, Nayanthara could play such a role and none of the other films were good. Meanwhile, Nayanthara has not responded to Kasturi’s comments.

In general, politicians do not respond to such suggestions. Actress Malavika Mohanan has slammed the makers of her upcoming film, Malavika Mohanan. Nayanthara, however, never talks about children or surrogacy in any of her interviews. Nayanthara, who is not allowed to do interviews and promotional events, rarely attends such events. Currently, Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan are leading a happy life with their son, Uyir Ulagam. Apart from films, he is also involved in some commercial ventures. At the same time, there are many Bollywood stars who have adopted a child through a rented womb. Celebrities like Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are all examples of this. But Nayanthara’s surrogacy has become a controversy as the actors who took the baby through surrogacy have become less popular in the South Indian film industry.