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Kareena Kapoor Khan agitated with narrow minded selfies!

A Kareena Kapoor Khan fan as of late went too far of social goodness by requesting numerous selfies. On an ordinary day, celebrities enable fans to click selfies with them without quite a bit of an issue, particularly at air terminals where one expects much more better than average groups than in jam-packed back streets. In any case, some can go too far of social respectability now and again, as Kareena Kapoor Khan as of late learned. She was coming back to Mumbai from an open air excursion when a female fan was not so much content with the sort of selfies she was getting with the on-screen character, and egotistically needed to an ever increasing extent.

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“That woman came in for an image. At that point she again halted Kareena for another image. Presently Kareena had been halted twice for selfies. It isn’t that that woman was taking pictures when Kareena was progressing yet must be halted. In this way, when she halted Kareena for the third time, it wasn’t simply Kareena yet everybody around her who got annoyed with the fan and requested that her vamoose,” says our man at the spot.

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