Kareena Kapoor is glowing in her maternity photoshoot

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are a star couple with fans all over the world. Fans are especially interested to know the family history of the two. The first eyeball in their lives was Timur a few years ago. Timur has been a superstar since he was very young. Now a second child is about to come into their lives. Kareena was seven months pregnant when she was born. Kareena is now in the throes of wearing a garb at the age of 40.

Saif and Kareena told fans that the actress is pregnant. But no pictures of the star have been released so far. Kareena has now shared a number of pictures with her fans. Kareena Kapoor’s picture has been well-received by the fans as she looks gorgeous in a pink dress. Kareena shared a picture of herself on the set.

Kareena shares her latest pictures with the caption ‘Two of us on the set’. The image gained thousands of likes and comments within minutes of being shared. Many people have come on the scene to congratulate the star. As before, the actor can be seen actively in movies and other functions. The actress had recently made it clear that she could not be bothered to think she was pregnant. Kareena Kapoor has previously said that being a mother is not a disease and that she is not ready to stay at home.

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